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Buffet Menu Selection

Buffet Menu

Selection of sandwiches on wholegrain & soft white bread
Country style ham & wholegrain mustard
Roast beef & horseradish
Sliced chicken & stuffing
Lincolnshire sausage & chutney
Smoked salmon & herb cream cheese
Mozzarella & rocket (v)
Roasted vegetables & pesto (v)
Brie & cranberry (v)
Cream cheese & cucumber (v)
Mature cheddar & chutney (v)

Crudités & dips (v)
Hot baked sausage rolls
Chicken goujons with bbq dip
Pizza slices
Hot mozzarella melts (v)
Spicy chicken drumsticks
Vegetable samosas (v)
Vegetable pakoras (v)
Spring rolls (v)
Onion bhajis (v)
Spicy cocktail sausages
Mini chicken kievs
Salmon brochette
Dim sums and sweet chilli dip
Potato wedges (v)
Vegetarian quiche (v)
Warm cornish pasties
Hand cooked crisps (v)

Selection of desserts

£12.75 (maximum of 6 items)
£14.75 (maximum of 8 items)
£15.75 (maximum of 10 items)

(selection of sandwiches count as 1 choice)

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